About the Guild

A little history . . .

The Australian Costumers' Guild was formed by a group of costumers in Melbourne during the mid 1990's, self created as an excuse to formalise their costumed socialising. In those pre internet days, the word was spread by attending various conventions, primarily science fiction events throughout Victoria. As such the majority of membership was based in Melbourne with a scattering of other members around the nation.

With any social group, membership grows and wanes over time, and shortly after the turn of the Millennium, membership was waning. To boost interest, the faltering ACG successfully lobbied to host The World Costume Co™ in 2002, a boon for costuming in Australia as it was the first time that this particular convention had ever been held anywhere but the USA.

Because of the interest in this event, membership grew for a period, and it was at this stage the current National President joined as a member. South Australia really hadn't had an 'all genres accepted' costume group, so enthused by the concept of this national club, she started a chapter in South Australia.

Around this time movies like The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and the Star Wars prequels were released, which in conjunction with the rapid growth of the internet, brought serious costuming to the masses and an upsurge in interest. Even with this growth the original Melbourne based membership was dwindling, so in 2004 the National Committee shifted to Adelaide, with the state chapter president now becoming the national president. This new National Committee was committed to the idea of an 'Australian Costumers' Guild' heavily promoting and driving a push to get other groups happening in other states. With this drive and the creation of a new website in 2005, complete with forums for the sharing of ideas, there are now full chapters in South Australia and Queensland, with small, but growing, sub chapters in the ACT, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

Throughout there has always been cOZtume - the Australian Costumers' Guild newsletter, which has always been provided free to financial members. This too has grown along with the Guild from a black and white photocopy to today's full coloured e-magazine style newletter.

Today the ACG has many members and are active at events across the nation. We can be found at large national conventions like Armageddon and Supanova, to local events like Way We Wear fairs and Historical Society events and to Guild specific events like quiz nights, movie premieres and the National Ball. If there's costuming involved we are there!